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米国ロサンゼルスを拠点に活動している女性アーティスト・Katy Ann Gilmoreさんが、インスタグラムで公開している作品が面白い。










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By far my favorite project of 2017, and one of my favorite photos 😂😂😂 Thanks to @fbairprogram for giving me the opportunity to create a detailed 100 ft mural at their Playa Vista offices! Along with being the most fun, this was also the most challenging project. Thanks to @kristinfarr for all of your organizational magic to make this thing happen! 👯 This photo shows just how beautifully photogenic I am. 😆If you scroll back to July/August, you'll see a photo where I'm kind of jumping "into" this portal space…and that one was a success. This was one of the many failed attempts to try to time it right. 😂 I was using a remote timer on my phone, communicating with my camera on a tripod, clicking the shutter as I was jumping. 🤦🏼‍♀️ Enjoy this photo and a little laugh to end 2017. It was a fun, but hard year, and weird little moments like this helped me not to take everything too seriously 😉

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Happiest between mountains and city.

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Finally finishing up my 2002 @nissanusa Maxima (I started it earlier this year but had to take a break as other projects took precedence over the spring/summer). This was my first car, and I purchased it 6 years ago shortly after moving to LA. I bought it on a trip back to Illinois, and then drove it out here with a couple of friends. I loveeeee this car! It's such a big sedan that allowed me to cart around materials with ease…easily fitting 8' 2x4s and 10' pvc pipes. When I bought my new, bigger car, a 2014 @honda CR-V, I decided to keep this car as a project…and paint it, just to see what would happen! It's been such a fun, challenging project! I don't quite have a plan for the finished product (as one car is MORE than enough to keep track of in LA) but will be sorting that out soon as I'm moving home/studio in a couple of weeks. Can't wait to share the final product! (Scroll through to see other views and an image of the car before)

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出典元:boredpanda:This Artist Creates Amazing Optical Illusions Using Simple Lines(12.5)

出典元:eva:Ce se întâmplă când un matematician devine artist: creează iluzii optice spectaculoase(12/5)

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