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#LeilaniEstatesEruption #KilaueaVolcano UPDATE: Lava explosion that sent lava bombs flying onto tour boat near #Kapoho ocean entry captured on camera by #KalapanaCulturalTours

#LeilaniEstatesEruption #KilaueaVolcano UPDATE (July 16 at 9 AM): Unbelievable footage from Ikaika Marzo's crew on board the Kalapana Cultural Tours lava boat captures the lava explosion that sent lava bombs (lava rock and debris) flying into the air, which landed on a tour boat that was operated by Shane Turpin. The Hawaiʻi County Fire Department has just confirmed 12 passengers were injured. We are told three people were taken by ambulance to Hilo Medical Center. Two passengers (no details on gender or age) were in stable condition. One, a woman in her 20s, is in serious condition with a fractured femur. The remaining 9 passengers drove themselves to the hospital, and the Fire Department reported their injuries were not as serious. Hawaiʻi County Fire officials say a lava bomb punctured the roof of the boat, leaving a large hole. One of the railings of the boat was also damaged. The lava tour boat returned to Wailoa Harbor in Hilo and docked near Suisan around 7 AM. Hawaii News Now – Sunrise has learned that the state Department of Land and Natural Resources is taking the lead on this investigation, which will involve the U.S. Coast Guard as well as the county. It's unclear how close Turpin's tour boat was to the Kapoho lava ocean entry when the explosion happened, but eyewitnesses report the boat appeared to be "very close". On July 11, the Coast Guard changed their mandatory safety perimeter zone around ocean entries (Kapoho and Kalea) from 100 meters to 50 meters for licensed lava tour boat operators. I spoke with #IkaikaMarzo, who says he was consulted about the change, but disagreed with it — saying he believed it was unnecessarily close. All other mariners, without explicit written permission from the Captain of the Port of Honolulu, are required to observe a mandatory 300 meter safety zone around all active lava entry point. Stay tuned to Hawaii News Now for the very latest developments! As soon as I have more information, I’ll update you. #HInews #HawaiiNews #HNN #HawaiiNewsNow #WeAreYourSource (Images courtesy Ikaika Marzo)

Mileka Lincolnさんの投稿 2018年7月16日月曜日



船のオーナーで船長でもあるShane Turpinさんによれば、当時ツアー船は溶岩が海へ入る様子を見学するため、岸から450mほど離れた場所に約20分ほどいたという。






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出典元:CBS:Lava bomb crashes through roof of Hawaii tour boat, injuring 23(7/16)

出典元:The Guardian:Lava ‘bomb’ crashes through roof of boat in Hawaii, injuring tourists(7/16)

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