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この動画を撮影したのは、写真家のJonas Piontekさん。彼は自身のサイトやSNSに、これまでもさまざまな雷の動画や写真を投稿してきた。


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The Special One. I‘m in disbelief of how so many things can come perfectly together in just one photo. The viewpoint was about perfect, the lightning strike in the exact right spot, full of epic branches and behind a beautiful dark and somewhat scary looking remnant of what used to be a volcano millions of years ago. And as if all these things together weren‘t breathtaking enough, a massive owl decided to go for a midnight flight, just to be perfectly frozen in time during the hundredth of a second it took this bolt to strike. I‘ve shot two similar shots with birds in front of epic lightning before – both in Venezuela – but the entire composition of this picture just blows me away. I think this one might be all the way up there, somewhere with the hand full of pictures I took that I would personally call outstanding, not just from a photographic point of view but also from keeping in mind how rare those opportunities present themselves. 2020 has redeemed itself! #storm #lightning #owl #earthpix #earthfocus #amöneburg #volcano #epic #eule #gewitter #blitz

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#MyWeatherExperience by @the.awaken: It was the month of May 2019, when the storms started to show up, I'm always the person who loves staring at sky from sunset to stars. I have been noticing the change in weather which repeats every evening so around 6.30pm the sky was clear with strong winds. My home is on low ground where the storm passes, so i decided to walk few meters away from home to setup my camera on higher ground, where i felt the calm before storm with rushing cold winds around my ears. The lightning started to flash and become faster with sound of thunde and the storm moved slowly towards me, constantly thundering, an untouched force of nature. I could even feel small droplets touching me. It was one of my favorite nights. It felt beautiful and scary at same time. I always believe nature is beautiful when it is raw and dangerous.  #storm #lightning #wx #stormchaser #india #ਤੂਫਾਨ

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出典元:Caters Clips:Crawler Lightning Flashes Across Night Sky(8/25)

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