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この写真を撮ったのは、野生動物写真家のRoy Mangersnesさん。






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Well HELLO THERE!! What a welcome! Both last year and this season there has been a lot of ice around #svalbard and the conditions have been very good for the resident Polar bears. Finally coming back on a #coronafree expedition we hoped to maybe see females with cubs, and we were treated to an incredible encounter. After spending some time at a safe distance this beautiful family of three decided to come check us out and give us a proper welcome. The first polar bear encounter of the year turned in to one of our best ever! Where will this end? Find more informtion about our safe bookings and safe travel on the link in our bio. Photo by @roymangersnes #cuteness #polarbearcub #svalbard #polarbears #photography #photographer #photooftheday #natgeoyourshot #roamtheplanet #tourphotography #expedition #wildlife #wildlifephotography #professionalphotographer #photooftheday #photo

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The beautiful sight of a mother and her cubs. We are now in Eastern Spitsbergen, Svalbard in the drifting sea ice. Our first polar bear this season was a reaxed female with 2 cubs. An amazing encounter which was a pleasure to share with our #wildphototravel guests. It is very special to explore Svalbard alone and #covidfree, without any other expedition ships in the archipilago. We will spend the day in the drifting ice, before we find shelter from a weather system which will pass through tomorrow… Picture taken by @ojlwildphoto Follow the link in our bio to ensure you get one of the last spots available for the season. It could be you photographing the beauty of the Arctic. #photography #photographer #polarbear #svalbard #roamtheplanet #pictureoftheday #travelphotography #naturephotography #special_shots

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We @wildphototravel are a Svalbard based company, we specialise in photography expeditions. Our focus are polar regions, Antarctica and Svalbard is where the magic happens. The founders of WildPhoto Travel are @ojlwildphoto and @roymangersnes who are professional photographers with many awarded images worldwide. They not only guide the expedition to the best possible sightings but position our guest into the perfect position to capture the best frame with light and background. Ole and Roy have years experience in the high Arctic being biologist, behaviouralist, marine conservative, resource and environmental studies. As Polar bear enthusiasts we know their actions are in the best of interest. Follow @wildphototravel to experience the expedition of a lifetime with professionals passionate for wildlife and preserving the wild we all want to save for generations to come. Have a look at Polar bears & humans written by @ojlwildphoto on oleliodden.com and follow @roymangersnes at www.photographersagaintswildlifecrime.com as they fight for the ones without a voice. Our expedition commencing ‪on the 25th July – 4th August‬ has limited space, our special for July Expeditions will expire soon. Contact booking@wildphoto.com for more information This picture is taken by @roymangersnes on our expedition currently underway. #polarbear #photography #photographer #photooftheday #wildlife_perfection #wildlifephotography #wild #wonder #exploremore #visitsvalbard #visitnorway

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出典元:MailOnline:Inquisitive polar bear cub raises its paw and appears to welcome post-lockdown expedition to the Arctic(7/15)

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