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I am a trained professional #sharkdiver do not attempt! A few simple rules can help you stay safe in the water with sharks. Honestly, it’s very rare to see a #tigershark or any #shark in the ocean. But if one gets curious & wants to investigate you can maintained eye contact, avoid splashing or flailing, put something between you & them like your fins surfboard or camera, & last resort push down on their head like this. #sharksafety #savesharks #sharkdiving #hawaii #sharkdive

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I am a trained professional do not attempt. @camgrantphoto got this shot of me doing a simple redirection of an incoming tiger shark. You can see the shark quickly turns off once making contact, indicating that it’s investigation of me is over in that moment. Sometimes sharks need to come closer to determine what we are but a simple push was enough to let this shark know I am not food. With sharks you need to act like a predator. #hawaii #ocean #sharksoftiktok #sharkdiving #tigershark #deepsea #savesharks

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Replying to @spino_solos video by @forrest.in.focus 🦈 to avoid #greatwhiteshark interactions you should: avoid murky water, not swim or surf alone, don’t surf or swim near people fishing or near harbor mouths. If a great white approaches you try to get your surfboard between you & the #shark & swim inshore. If you’re diving make eye contact & kick away while facing them without splashing. A great white is obviously a very large & powerful shark species so this isn’t to say that they are puppy dogs but videos like this show their demeanor majority of the time when they can see exactly what we are. The trick is to not resemble their food. Unfortunately, when we enter the #ocean we are in their home & their territory so we need to realize there is a risk. #greatwhite #savesharks #ocean #hawaii #deepsea #roughtoothdolphin

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