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その様子が目撃されたのは、フロリダ州のセント・ピーターズバーグ。撮影したのはカヌーメーカーの「See Through Canoe」のメンバーで、彼らはフェイスブックページでその動画を公開した。




A dolphin feeding technique caught on video for the first time

This is the "full screen" version of a video we recorded recently showing the fish kicking technique used by dolphins. Although there are a few videos that show fish being thrown or kicked out of the water by dolphins, most of them are really poor quality and none of them show what's actually going on. This was taken in St Petersburg, Florida. From the overhead perspective offered by a drone, you can see that the dolphins turn their body sideways and kick the fish with the front edge of their tails. The fish is usually stunned or injured when it lands so it's easy for the dolphin to catch. Although it may look like the dolphin is doing this for fun, it is often easier than catching a fish with their mouths. On the day I took this video, I saw dolphins catch fish with their mouths 4 times and each time the dolphin caught a fish with its mouth it took a while and required a lot of effort. I saw them kick at least 15 fish, and each time they made it look effortless and it only took a few seconds. This doesn't mean the dolphins don't enjoy it though, I'm pretty sure they do because I hear them laughing sometimes after they kick a fish 🙂 …#flyingfish #nature #dolphins #awesome #fishing #fish #florida #canoe #kayaking #clearcanoe #transparent #amazing #rare #dronevideo #aerialview National Geographic Saint Petersburg, Florida #stpete #tampa Florida #ocean #sea #dolphin #kayak #rarefootage

See Through Canoeさんの投稿 2019年7月10日水曜日





「See Through Canoe」によれば、宙に飛ばされた魚が海面に落下した際には、たいてい気絶しているか、傷ついているかしているため、その後簡単にイルカが捕食できるという。


また「See Through Canoe」では、動画を撮影した日、イルカが少なくとも15回も魚を宙に飛ばすのを見たと語っており、簡単にこなしているように見えたそうだ。











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